Yosemite via Mono Lake

After 30 days car rental we have to show up at one of the offices to have the car inspected and extend the contract. 30 days into our rental we will be at Sequoya National Park; offices are few and far between and there is nothing near there. In our original plan we would have been here and could have done the paperwork at Reno. So we phoned up the car rental company to see what could be done and in the end there is no problem turning up at Reno a few days early, so that is what we did.

From there we took the Nevada route to Yosemite, via Mono Lake. It's quite a drive and because of the car rental (and lunch at the airport) we couldn't split up the trip, so we had to drive non-stop which was a shame because the desert landscape round Mono Lake was something else. We also had to see the whole Tioga Pass road in Yosemite from the car. Maybe we will come back here one of the next few days, there are some lovely meadows and hikes.

Our lodge is lovely, if a bit dated (which doesn't bother us). We have a sofa bed and another bed that folds up into the wall, and a great little porch with a barbecue where we can spend the evenings.

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