Wine country: Sonoma

Kiddie's day today. Spent the morning at a playground in San Rafael (where we had spent the night) and then headed to Sonoma... to another playground.

Sonoma is next to Napa and both valleys are prime wine growing locations in California. I went into the information office to enquire about wine shops where they told me I had two options: I could spend a fortune in any of the specialised shops or just go to the local supermarkets where they would have a wide selection of the local tipple. Armed with my trusty tablet and subscription to the Wine Advocate I chose the latter.

When I got back I wanted to drag the rest of the family to the old barracks and Mission (the oldest of the California missions) but it turned out it was farmers market day, so it was too late. The stalls were up, the band ready to play, and the kids wanted to spin the wheel to try their luck for a fluffy toy. Had loads of fun walking around and trying the local delicacies. It was a shame we were still half an hours drive from our hotel or we would have joined in with everyone else and opened a bottle of wine.

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