Kings Canyon

Long drive today. Too long - the kids were complaining so much we had to stop halfway into Kings Canyon at Boyden Cave. We didn't visit the cave, just stopped there for lunch and to climb on a big rock in the river. Kings Canyon is very pretty (though nowhere near as impressive as Yosemite Valley) but all this driving is a pain. It's not like in Europe where you have various villages inside the National Park, or at least just a few minutes drive away. The solution for us might have been to go camping, but then we would have encountered a different set of problems.

The plan was to reach the end of the road and then do a couple of short walks: Zumwalt Meadow and Cedar Grove. But Aisha fell asleep so, after all that driving all we managed was to stop a bit by the river while she snored away in the car.

To avoid completely wasting the day we went to Grant Grove (on the way even Lucas fell asleep). The kids woke up and we could at least enjoy a short walk round the amazingly huge redwoods. There is a fallen trunk that has been hollowed out which you can walk through, it felt more like a cave than a tree. It gives you a good perspective of the sheer size of these silent giants.

Ended the day in a more mundane fashion: McDonald's. Not for their delicious and healthy cuisine of course, but for their indoor play area. The kids discharged some pent-up energy while we sipped on a milkshake (because we hadn't seen the coffee menu).

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