Tahoe rim trail and Sand Harbour Beach

Felt a bit more active today. There is a trail that goes over the mountains right round the lake. Round the corner from the hotel is a road which crosses the Rim Trail and has a place to park the car. Obviously we weren't going to do the whole trail (probably a few days of solid walking) but we saw on the map there was a viewpoint about a mile and a half uphill so up we went. In the end we didn't quite make it but had a nice ramble through pine trees and dusty trails and enjoyed a picnic on a log, flicking off giant ants every now and then.

Headed back down and drove to a minigolf place we had seen yesterday. There are three "courses" but we did only one. Well, the kids did - at these prices the adults gave it a miss.

Then, as there was still time, we headed to a nice beach we had been recommended. Left California for the first time since we arrived in the USA and crossed the border into Nevada. Sand Harbour Beach is lovely: crystal clear waters, white sand, and a view of snow-capped mountains on the other shore. Had a great time making sandcastles and playfighting on the sand generally making a spectacle of ourselves.

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