Half Moon Bay

Arranged to meet Carlos, Tana & co down on the beach at Half Moon Bay, just over half an hour's drive from Mountain View. We got there first and though the sun was shining there was a nasty cold wind blowing pretty hard, so I kept the kids in the car while we waited. Knowing them I reckoned it was best not to go outside until really necessary as they might not last for long before the complaints got unbearable. However the Palo Altans were running late and these were getting hungry so we bit the bullet, dressed up, and ventured out onto the beach to find a secluded area out of the wind. I was pessimistic and gave us half an hour tops.

Found an OK place for a quick picnic lunch and were just finishing up when the rest of the gang turned up. No complaints from the kids and in fact it got steadily warmer as the afternoon progressed. Had a great time climbing up the cliff and playing pirates in a big hole on the beach. The sea was out of the question - big waves and freezing cold.

Later in the afternoon we went into the town to see the old (1911) jail and grab a quick drink. Then we hurried back home to do some shopping and baths and homework and wash the clothes before heading out to the airport to pick up Esther. Aisha fell asleep so we didn't manage to do the shopping, but we completed all the other missions.

San Francisco airport is a bit confusing, and we got one cryptic message from Esther before her battery died out. But finally we saw her, and rushed together for a big family hug. Then we all drove back for the welcome party back at the hotel.

Aisha has been doing really well with her nighttime nappy so Esther has brought over some insulating/absorbing sheets to put between the mattress and the big girl. Tonight she officially is completely out of nappies.

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