Lake Shasta

Happy father's day (in the US at least)!

Felt a bit lazy and, since we have seen (and walked) a fair bit of the park, decided to go somewhere a bit closer. Went to Lake Shasta, a reservoir and dam about half an hour North. The area is nice, but not a patch on Lassen. There is a free tour of the dam, but we didn't fancy an hour with potentially bored kids. The dam's visitor centre was, ironically, closed due to a power outage so we just walked around for a bit. Got back early for a bit of pool time at the hotel.

Lately we have fallen in the trap of allowing cartoons after dinner as we are always too late to see them before. This makes bedtime a complete nightmare, so today we reinstated the No Cartoons After Dinner rule. Bedtime was still a nightmare (since Esther got back Aisha as been pulling wobblies before bed) but less so. We are sure tomorrow will be nearly back to normal.

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