Turning round

This is as far as we will go this trip. The plan was to continue to Redwood National Park but a friend of ours is really ill and Esther will be travelling to Madrid from San Francisco in a couple of days on a lightning visit. Me and the kids will hang out for a few days near Palo Alto and hang out with Carlos and Tana and their kids. There is plenty of child-friendly fun in the area so we will be fine for a few days.

We drove back to Santa Rosa on the more civilised 101 Freeway. This route is very pretty as well, especially the small road from the coast to the 101. Stopped for lunch at Ukiah. The waitress seemed surprised to see us there - apparently nobody stops in Ukiah. Unsurprising as there isn't much to see (even tried Lake Mendocino, which is a dump - all dry and smelling of rotten fish) so after filling our bellies we continued to Healdsburg where we walked around the main plaza ("Spanish style" the guidebook said, though I have never seen a grassy plaza in Spain). Found a playground where we hanged out until it was time to head off to our hotel.

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