Promised the kids an indoor playground, which are few and far between round here. Finally found one about 15 minutes drive away, in the vicinity (vicinity meaning 10 minutes drive) of a fish & chip and Chinese (!?) restaurant. After lunch we went to the playground but it was too early, so we wiled away an hour and a half at a nearby (another 5 minutes drive) park. It was an especially good one, with a fountain splash area and a skater park.

The indoor playground wasn't particularly good, just 3 bouncy castles in a big room (with an interesting smell of feet). Apparently there was another room but there weren't enough kids (unsurprising, with the lovely day outside) to warrant it's opening.

Esther returns tomorrow evening. We are all very excited, and there has only been a bit of mummy pining. On the way back from dinner we were just in time to pop into a party shop to stock up on sweets and balloons to welcome her back.

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  1. Cannot wait to see you all! xxx