Stanford University picnic

Driving through Palo Alto it takes all your willpower not to jump out of the car and set up a startup. This is where the likes of Google, Facebook, Apple, PayPal, Logitech and Sun started out, and where HP, Skype and VMware still have their corporate headquarters. The catalyst that fertilises the area to attract and produce brilliant, restless minds is Stanford University.

Carlos and Tana, some friends from Madrid, came over here on a scholarship last year. They have 2 kids nearly the same age as Lucas and Aisha, and we had arranged to meet up for a picnic in the Oval, a park just on the way in to the campus. The kids didn't remember each other but in no time were running together all over the field.

Had a short tour of the campus which is actually a mini-town. Most students here hardly leave the place. Got back to find not one but two traffic fines: parking in permit-only space (enforced even on Sundays) and taking 2 spaces because we had crossed a white line. I hope that by the time we leave the US we will have got this parking business sussed.

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