Steinbeck country: Monterey

Completely ran out of time today. We had great plans of going back to Carmel to see the mission and Point Lobos, and maybe even squeezing in a visit to Steinbeck's home town and museum in Salinas. Alas, the best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry. In our case a combination of late morning and too much time at the aquarium meant nothing else was achieved today.

We had completely underestimated the amount of time needed for the aquarium - it is huge and has plenty to see. At least it is next to Cannery Row, so we did get to see "something Steinbeck". The road nowadays looks a bit like a cross between London's redeveloped Southbank and the back streets of Covent Garden, with slightly more touristy shops and minus any of the local population.

We had a great time at the aquarium, and only left when our stomachs clamoured for food. TripAdvisor came to the rescue to navigate us away from the shoals of overpriced eateries. By the time we were back in the car it was 4pm, which is when we realised the futility of visiting the mission at Carmel, half an hour away and which closed at 5.

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