Moving down the road

Our next hotel is less than an hour South, as Sequoia National Park is right next to Kings Canyon (in fact they are both run as one). From here we are a bit closer to the next road down to access the park faster. We arrived quite early, but there was a clean room for us so we unloaded the car. Instead of running off to see big trees we decided just to laze about the hotel swimming pool. We actually managed to spend the whole rest of the day without getting into the car at all, quite a feat in the US. We have a diner within walking distance, and another indoor play area (Burger King this time - I heartily don't recommend their iced coffee). I even walked to the supermarket. It is quite a walk though; everything is really far from each other as the parking lots are so huge on account of everybody going everywhere by car - a bit of a vicious circle.

Hashed out our complete route for Canada, and started on the bookings (it will be high season, so we can't afford to just book a couple of days before). Started with the most important one (as it gets fully booked): ferry and accommodation for Illes de la Madeleine.

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