Hume Lake

We stopped a few miles before the main visitor centre at Grant Grove for lunch at the Big Stump picnic site, and then stretched our legs down the path a bit to see the big stump, which must have been a huge tree before they cut it down. Then, at the visitor centre we got some pointers for what we should see in the park. Decided that today we would go down to Hume Lake for a splash around.

Arrived on the West shore and, as the grass is always greener on the other side (we saw a nice beach on the other shore), got in the car to the East shore which looked more accessible for splashing around. There was quite a large group of hippy-looking young parents which turned out to be Hare Krishnas hanging around for a week after their annual conference (Gurukula?). We had forgotten our swimming trunks but the kids just ran around in their underwear and the adults managed to wade around the shallow parts of the shore.

The man who had given us indications to the other side of the lake foolishly mentioned an ice cream shop in earsight of Lucas. So, change of religion and we converged towards the Christian summer camp next door for ice creams. Even I fell into temptation and had one - lately the kids eat all their ice cream and never leave me any.

No time to stop at General Grant Tree on the way back, we just headed straight to the hotel for dinner. It takes about an hour to get there from the park entrance, which is a pain but expected.

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