Esther leaves for Madrid

Spent last night at a hotel by the airport as Esther has an early flight. Typically, no sooner were we alone, Lucas had an enormous nosebleed. Luckily it was nothing, just over-enthusiastic booger-hunting.

Me and the kids then drove down to Palo Alto, where we has a great day with Carlos, Tana, Taro and Hana. We didn't do much, just hung around together round the 'hood. Had ice cream, visited the playground and just walked around. Lucas is fine without mummy (in fact he really loves the idea of presents when she gets back) but Aisha is more impressionable. Last times without mummy (some trips to Central America for work) she was to little to notice, but today she threw a wobbly and just broke down and cried in the middle of playing with Hana's toy kitchen. A short cuddle later she was right as rain, though later in the evening there were a few more mummy moments.

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