Sequoia National Park

The heart of the park was closer than expected, but still an hour and a half away. In that time we reached Moro Rock, a huge... rock with 400 steps leading up to the top. Lucas made it all the way, but Aisha needed a bit of carrying after about 300 steps. The views from the top are worth the hike, though by the time we got there it was a bit hazy.

Clambered back down to the car. I got briefly sidetracked to see (and photograph) a tree (Roosevelt Tree I think, they all seem to be named after generals and presidents) - only 100m from the road but uphill, so nobody joined me in my quest.

Then we reached Crescent Meadow for a quick picnic an a walk. This place is full of bears so we hoped to see one. So far only I had seen one near the lodge at Yosemite. We had walked all the way round the meadow and were just coming up to the carpark when Esther spotted a juvenile looking for insects in a log. Briefly panicked as the kids were out of sight a few metres away and I didn't know if there were more bears about, but soon the family was gathered together and we watched the bear for a few magical minutes. It is so much more rewarding to see animals in the wild than at a zoo.

After all the excitement Aisha fell asleep so we skipped General Sherman Tree (the biggest tree in the world). We have seen so many huge trees that to see one a few thousand tonnes bigger than the others hardly makes a difference, except to to say We Woz 'Ere. So we just called a day and drove back to the hotel, with a couple of beside-the-road viewpoint stops along the way.

We have seen pretty much all we wanted in Sequoia, so we probably will take the day off tomorrow and continue booking our Canadian route - hotels are quickly getting booked up and prices are going up.

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