World cup final

Headed off to Castle Hill again, no wedding this time. Spent more time than anticipated there because the kids were full of beans and couldn't stop running round the gardens. It is a lovely stately home, plumbing must have brought in quite a lot of cash in the 19th century. The views are also very impressive.

Headed back to Crane Beach for a bit more sunbathing and castle building before the world cup started. Today was quite windy, which explains the dunes and fine sand, though Roger says it normally isn't that windy.

I was the only one going with Germany so I had nobody to celebrate with. Not that I was really bothered, I don't really follow football and in any case my teams are Spain, England and Netherlands - one of the joys of a multicultural upbringing is to have loads of chances at sporting events.

Met Moyra's father and had a good old chinwag over a barbecue dinner. Lucas did a really good portrait of him, they got on really well.

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