Blame Canada

Spent the day with the song Blame Canada (from South Park) in my head. Today we drove North to meet up with Susanne and Gus at Susanne's parents house just outside Montreal. The Google Maps chose a pretty surreal route, at one point we were even on an unpaved road (through a beautiful forest area which seemed to be a cross-country skiing place). We were never on the same road for more than a few miles.

Reached the border, a bit disappointed not to be greeted by Mounties but by a pretty serious border officer. Didn't realise they use kilometres instead of miles here, and the kilometres are pretty unreadable on our speedometer so a bit of mental arithmetic is in order.

After a pretty nasty traffic jam round Montreal we arrived at Susanne's parents house. We all had a great barbecue in the garden until the mosquitoes drove us inside. The kids (Susanne & Gus have a boy Aisha's age and a girl a year older than Lucas) got on great and all slept together in one room, with minimal fuss which was pretty surprising knowing out batting average.

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