In the car again

After a week of freedom, we now have a car again. This time it's not a nice new Kia Optima but an oldish Dodge Avenger. As I picked it up on my own I was unable to put Esther down as an additional driver, so after packing the car and saying goodbye we went back to the rentacar office to sort it out. This time my Visa card wouldn't play ball, probably hit some limit or other. We'll do it on Monday at another office.

We were going just North of Boston, to my uncle's house. Only got lost a couple of times round the Bronx but then we his some nasty traffic. We were hoping to get there by 6, and at nearly half past 8 we were still ten minutes away. Then the tablet's battery conked out so we had no navigation system. Finally, after stopping for a bit to charge it we made it.

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