Times Square and Empire State Building

As the title implies, a pretty typical tourist route in New York today. In fact we didn't really go to Times Square, we went to the giant Toys"R"Us next door. It has 3 massive floors full of toys and even a Ferris wheel. We spent an hour looking at everything before deciding on one, and only one, toy each. Esther and I couldn't find anything so we passed. Lucas chose a fluffy dog and Aisha some makeup, what a surprise. Then I went on the Ferris wheel with the kids, where we all came to the conclusion that Ferris wheels are completely boring.

Tanya and Roger & co headed back home and we soldiered on as we had tickets to the Empire State Building. We slowly made our way there, after a small detour to the Sony store (still no toy for daddy). The kids were a bit ropey after so much walking but perked up a bit after a bit of chocolate and sweets. So much so they went whizzing round the corridors of the Empire State Building and were super excited at the top balcony on the 86th floor.

We had bought the expensive tickets so we could go up to the 102nd floor, but it really isn't worth it. For one the view is basically the same, and for another you aren't outside, so between you and New York is a dirty pane of glass on all sides, and no decent camera angles.

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