Towards White Mountains

Roger and Moyra had to head off this morning so we got up early to say goodbye. Then the kids (who had also gotten up) promptly fell asleep on the sofa while we loaded up the car. We are heading for Canada to meet some more friends so the White Mountains makes a good stopover while they make their way to Montreal.

Stopped at one of the rentacar offices to sort out Esther as an additional driver. Turns out they are a partner and don't have access to the contract. The guy there pointed us towards Manchester airport which was on our way so we stopped there. Turns out they closed down the office there a year ago. I hope we can sort this out in Canada.

After a late start and all the stops we arrived quite late at the hotel, so we just hung around the pool until dinner time. Tomorrow we'll explore the area, though the weather doesn't look too good.

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