Governor's Island

Tried and failed to get tickets to the Statue of Liberty. Absolutely nothing if we go together for the next week. And even if it were just us it would mean getting up at the crack of dawn on Tuesday. And possibly missing the ferry. No biggie, we wouldn't have even made the crown as Aisha (and Max) was too little. The next option would have been to get on the Staten Island ferry, which passes right in front of the statue, to get in some good photo ops for free. But in the end we went for a more exotic option: Governor's Island.

Here is where local knowledge failed us a bit: Governor's Island is right next to Manhattan and the ferry goes nowhere near the Statue of Liberty. Oh well, better lunch next time. I'm sticking to my new philosophy that travel is more about the how than the what, and that the trip is more important than the destination (though of course have at least a few decent destinations up your sleeve).

Well it turns out Governor's Island is a great destination. It may not have great views of the Statue of Liberty but it does have great views of the financial district. Away from the maddening crowd, especially on a weekday, it is an island of green a short 5 minutes ferry away from the tip of Manhattan. It has an arty vibe about it as well: we spent hours by a treehouse / minigolf made out of reused materials. We also went hunting for a local microbrewery but it was closed. Most places must just open for the weekend. Instead we went to a playground and must have been having a good time because we just missed the ferry. Hung around the fortress waiting for the last one.

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