One more day at the cottage

The night in a tent was quite a success. It was Aisha's first tenting experience and she was a bit wary of the whole idea, but in the end she came round to it and we all slept soundly well into the morning. By the time we got up the early birds had cleaned up most of the evidence of the party so we just shuffled around picking up the occasional bottle or can.

After my morning swim it was time to try my hand at the golf competition. I hadn't swung a club for 20 years. First shot nicked the ball and it went skidding down to the water's edge. The other two made full contact though, and the ball arched out into the lake, not quite on target but still pretty good after all these years.

The trophies were handed out. Lucas was chuffed to be joint first for the smallest fish, he was grinning from ear to ear as he held up the trophy. Susanne's elder brother, the organiser of the event, got the weekend idiot award for dangerous antics while hanging the lights up a tree (it was a close run thing as there were no obvious candidates, in previous years there have been cars in the lake and all manner of nasty injuries), narrowly beating his father's horseshoe up a tree.

The guests slowly left, until it was just us two families. We spent the rest of the day lazing about and slept in the cottage. Tomorrow we are all off to Quebec, which is over 4 hours drive from here.

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