Mission Bay Beach

Yesterday was pretty cloudy and cold and we didn't understand why they wanted a beach round here (or so many water parks) until the sun poked out around 1 and made us put the sweaters away. So today was a beach day. We went to Mission Bay Beach, which features a huge promenade and plenty of fine white sand. It looks like quite a quite a party zone as well, especially with USA playing Belgium in the World Cup (they lost, but apparently it was one of the most exciting games in the tournament).

The sea was too cold for us (not so for the locals) but we got plenty of cool sandcastles done, and played with some other kids we saw. Then we headed for the more serene La Joya to scoot around for a bit and run around in the park. Right off one of the beaches was a colony of sea lions but we didn't investigate - I think we have seal and sea lion fatigue. The tightrope walker was way more interesting.

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