Ipswich beaches

Uncle Roger hopped into the car with us to show us round the area. First we did a short walk through a beautiful meadow up to a rocky beach with a great view of his kayaking stomping ground. We picked loads of winkles to serve as an appetiser for dinner; the kids loved the idea of foraging. After a bit of splashing around we headed off to another beach, but didn't stay long as there was a playground next door which beckoned.

We couldn't see the views from the top of Castle Hill as there was a wedding, so we headed to Crane beach next door. This is a beautiful stretch of fine sand and dunes, but with quite a crowd, even though it was greenhead season. Greenheads are annoying flies with a sharp bite which only really appear for a couple of weeks during their breeding season. It turns out they hate Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil, so we only got a couple of bites the whole day (in places not yet lathered in the Avon magic).

Roger left us to go shopping with Moyra while we stayed at the beach for a bit more. The tide was going out and there were loads of people on the sandbank so we went up to investigate. Turns out they were digging out huge clams. Found out how to spot them (two small holes and the occasional bubble) and dug a few out ourselves. But then we heard someone say you need a licence so I went to ask a coastguard. He had no idea, but later a ranger turned up and confirmed no clams could be removed from this beach, so we through ours back into the water.

Last time I saw my cousins Louie and Pablo they must have been 8. Funny seeing them at 17. Lucas is most impressed with them and finds any excuse to hang out in their bedrooms.

Best dinner of the trip so far: lobster. The seafood down the coast here is amazing.

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