White Mountains and Lincoln

Drove into the White Mountains National Forest which is, for once, close to our hotel. It was grey and overcast but you can still appreciate how pretty the area is. First we stopped at a short walk called the Discovery Trail. It meanders through a managed forest, with a series of panels explaining the ranger's work managing the forest to mimic the natural processes of growth and destruction: felling trees selectively is essential to give the new upcoming generations a chance to grow.

The path continued but we chose to go back to the car and on to a couple of viewpoints and a picnic area. In the middle of our feast the skies opened and we ran for cover.

It didn't look like it would stop so we headed back to the town of Lincoln. Here it was much drier, with just a few spots of rain. So we made the most of it by doing our washing at the laundromat, buying some books and walking down the high street. We also successfully hunted down a couple of light fleeces for the adults; all mountain gear was on sale at massive discounts.

Back at the hotel the owner lit up a fire and brought out some marshmallows (Lucas calls them marchmallows). So we had a nice early evening roasting them on a stick and even had time for a quick jump in the pool.

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