Postcard Canada

Drove up to Susanne's parents cottage by lake Travers, about an hour away from Montreal. Her brother was there putting the finishing touches to the preparations for tomorrow's horseshoe tournament, a yearly celebration with friends and family. This year is the 20th edition. Susanne had told us about the event many years ago back in London. Wherever she was in the world she would always come back for it. Now we will finally experience it for ourselves. Amazing luck our route took us this way on this date.

The location is postcard-perfect. A gentle lake surrounded by trees and a string of cottages on a dirt track, each with it's own jetty. We chilled out on the lake (there are 2 paddle boats and a canoe, as well as all sorts of floating devices), in the garden and on the balcony for the rest of the day. We lent a hand with some of the preparations, but most of the work had been done already.

In the evening we greeted the first arrivals. Tonight we all fit in the cottage, though tomorrow we (and many others) will be in tents round the front lawn. They were a cool bunch of people and in no time we were chatting and getting some beers out. In the end we had quite a pre-party which set the tone for the next day. As per the rules there was no horseshoe training allowed, all the horseshoes were under lock and key in the shed. So we trained purely in beer and wine drinking.

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