Time travel

Left Auckland 27th of May 2014 at 21:30. Arrived at Los Angeles 27th of May 2014 at 14:45. How cool is that!? I hadn't ever given it much thought, but always assumed the date changed simply wherever it happened to be midnight. Of course if you do that then if you go round the world again and again you end up a few days out of synch compared to those who stay put. Since that can't happen you need another place where you change the date in the opposite direction, and that is the international date line. The fact that it didn't officially exist until the 20th century enabled Jules Verne to create the plot twist in Around the World in 80 Days.

Picked up our car from the rental offices and drove off into the sunset. It's nice being in a car-sized vehicle gain after 7 weeks of cmpervan. We drove up to Ventura, about an hour North of LA (LA wasn't really on the itinerary, just a convenient airport).

New country, even if it is English-speaking, means new problems, until you get to work things out. So far we can't really work out the rules for cars at a junction - they seem to take turns or something. Getting a SIM card to have internet on the tablet is also a mission, especially if you are half asleep from jetlag. And long-life milk doesn't seem to exist, at least not with that name.

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