Hot water beach and Cathedral Cove

Weather held out today. We left the campsite earlier than usual so as not to miss the low tide. The kids were still asleep and slowly woke up on the 10 minute journey. The reason the tide was important was because we had to dig a hole at a specific place on Hot Water Beach. If you get it right you can enjoy a nice hot pool right next to the sea. Get it wrong and you either get scalded or frozen.

Finding the middle ground is hard. We got there about an hour after low tide and there were quite a few people already. Started digging on the edge of all the other pools - pretty cold. Then dug in the middle. There is a reason nobody was there - burned my toes. Man, that water is hot! In the end there were so many people you really didn't need to dig, you just jumped into an abandoned pool, or got invited to join others in theirs. Great fun.

From there we continued up the road a bit to Cathedral Cove. It's 45 minute walk from the car park but both kids made it without being carried and with only minor moaning. Once there we explored the beach (carefully, as there are warnings of rockfall all over the place) and rock arch and played about in he sand a bit. We were pretty lucky as it was nearly empty, until a busload of 20-somethings invaded the place just before we were getting ready to leave. Kids walked all the way back as well.

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