Sunday day of rest

We've been doing it again, speeding around too fast lately to not miss any of the sights and not slowing down enough to enjoy the trip. So today, since we had such a nice campsite right in front of the beach, we just chilled and did nothing. Well, we played on the beach, lazed around the garden and scooted round the playground. But we just stayed put in out little patch of New Zealand and chilled. It's Sunday after all.

Just before sundown we caught the sight of some orcas surfacing near the shore. Apparently it's a pretty rare occurrence, the owner of the campsite has been here for 12 years and only seen them a handful of times.

Called the camper company. Tomorrow we will drop by a nearby repair supplier of theirs to check the water heater and sink. Had a bit of a scare with the electric fan heater as well - it went from noisy to shortcircuit and burnout. Good thing we were awake to pull out the plug.

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