Family rafting

Since we are at a lovely campsite in the national park I got up early to try and catch a nice dawn shot of the volcanoes. No such luck, it was a case of not seeing the wood for the trees - the campsite is in the wrong place for proper views, there are either trees or hills in the way for at least a kilometre in every direction. Tramped around for an hour looking for a decent spot but didn't take the camera out in all that time.

On the way back into town we stopped to check out a couple of Maori huts. It's a shame they were covered with corrugated iron roofs (to protect the wood I suppose).

Today was our rafting day. Grade II rapids are a bit wilder than I thought, and proved too much for Aisha, who burst out in tears after the first fast bit. Lucas loved it, but he was worried a bit for Aisha. He's such a sweety. If only he could have snapped out of older brother mode he would have enjoyed it even more.

Slowly Aisha got used to it. Very slowly. She was clinging on to mummy all the way. Then, at one of the last rapids (where now you have to go a different way because of a fallen tree), we got stuck and both Aisha and Esther fell in. After a bit of a panic both were rescued and were back in the boat, trembling from the freezing cold water. Lucas had to sit next to his little sister and comfort her, I couldn't get him back to the front even for the last rapid. By the end Aisha was fine. She even said she would do rafting again, but not for a while. First climbing, she preferred climbing.

Our new campsite, in the next town up North (Taupo), has a hot pool (we are in geothermal central). Rounded off the day with a nice evening dip.

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