Rain and travel

Full-on rain for the whole day for miles around, so it was the perfect day for a long drive to a new area. We avoided the "forgotten highway" as it looked like it was full of mountainous curves, and 11km of it are unpaved (it is a scenic route, but with this cloud there isn't much to see). In the end we seemed to end up on the "even more forgotten highway" which was just as curvy and had 30km of unpaved road, as well as 3000 sheep at one point. Stopped for lunch outside a small village school and the kids chatted and played with the kids there (12 in the whole school!). We are now at Turangi, on the shore of New Zealand's largest lake (Taupo). To the South we have 3 more volcanoes to explore in Tongariro National Park. Apparently part of Mordor was filmed there.

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