Driving through wine country

Long drive today. Long drives make me thirsty, even if I am in the passenger seat. Long drives through acres and acres of vines makes me very very thirsty. However we were on a mission and didn't stop at a single Marlborough vineyard. We also skipped the Aviation Heritage Centre near Blenheim. Planes don't really interest any of us but it seems they have quite a fetish for them here in New Zealand. Not quite sure why, perhaps because they are so far away from anything aviation plays a big part in their lives.

We did make one stop though. Near our campsite there is the Ohau Waterfall and, just at the seaside rocks in front are loads of seal pups. Their parents leave them at the rock pools there all day while they go out hunting for fish. It was evening by the time we got there so a few parents seem to have got back from foraging. This is the closest we've seen "proper" animals to date, until now we always seemed to be on a cliff looking down.

Nice free campsite but, as in Golden Bay, seeping next to the sea always gives us the willies. The memories from the tsunami still ring strong. Also it was bloody cold, I think tomorrow we'll pay for a bit of electricity.

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