Christchurch museum

Two nights in the same campsite for the first time. It's great not to have to rush in the morning to meet the ridiculous 10 o'clock checkout.

Caught the bus into town again and gawped at the reconstruction again. Apparently there is a cardboard cathedral (the original suffered heavy damage) somewhere but we didn't see it. Instead we ended up at the museum, which is very impressive for such a small city. Plenty of stuff for the kids so we were entertained for a good couple of hours.

Last day in the South Island. Tomorrow we get a flight to Auckland, which means one thing: packing (and cleaning up the camper a bit). It's been great not having to live out of a suitcase or pack for a month but finally the time has come. In the end it wasn't too bad; we haven't lost out finely-honed skills.

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