Spanking new camper

A bit of a panic when the alarm didn't go off for some reason. Then we couldn't find a petrol station with LPG (gas) facilities and finally hit a spot of rush hour traffic. In the end we arrived only half an hour later than planned, minus the gas, at the camper dropoff. Paid our gas, diesel tax and got our deposit back and were at the airport with time to spare for a quick coffee.

Arrived in Auckland and picked up our second camper. Credit cards gave us a bit of a hassle again for the deposit, but in the end we got everything sorted. After our lesson in Queenstown it took only 45 minutes of farting around trying to process the payment (last time it took an hour and a half).

So now we have a spanking new camper. It is virtually the same as the other, with a few improvements. The gas heater is in a better place, there is more luggage space outside, the fridge lock is better, and there is a holder for the toilet paper. No improvement on the wine glasses though - they still escape from their cupboard and start rattling all over the place.

But the important thing is that it is nice, new and clean. Drove out of Auckland and headed South. After all the ho-ha with the deposit and a stop at the supermarket we didn't reach far: we are about a couple of hours away, in Cambridge.

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