Indoor climbing in Turangi

It is a cold and blustery day today. Checked into the information office and they told us the windchill up at the park would be around -10. Tomorrow, which is when we planned on going, looks the same. Also arranged a family rafting trip for the day after (half price what we had seen at Queenstown).

There is an indoor climbing wall and we had promised it to the kids so after the information office we headed there. It's small but high, with plenty of climbs for all levels, and loads of easy climbs for kids. Aisha would need a lot of help from me, then get a bit scared halfway up and dangle back down on the rope. Lucas was determined to get to the top on all his climbs and he did really well. On a few climbs he didn't get to the top and got really frustrated. Good to see he's got drive and ambition for climbing. My favourite climb for him was in one of the corners because it really taught him the mechanics of using your legs. His favourite was one marked level 16 (they have a different grading system in Australia/NZ) which we told him was for 16 year-olds.

Had lunch in the camper and went back for more - the entrance fee was valid for the whole day. Had the whole wall to ourselves all the way til closing time, when we headed for the campsite. Looks like last night was our last freedom camping for a while - with this cold spell we will be paying for the luxury of electricity and proper showers at the campsites. We are doing pretty well on the budget and can afford not to suffer.

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