Banks Peninsula

Nasty and rainy this morning, so no nice walks round Akaroa as planned. Soon we got a rainbow though and it started clearing up. Very windy though. We decided to go up on the high road to see if it stayed clear for long enough to see the views of the Peninsula from above.

The view from up above was amazing, while it lasted. Soon we were surrounded by cloud and at times only had 10 metres visibility. The wind was a bit too strong for my liking - the last thing we want it to topple over, this beast is 3.5m high. Also I remember being told it was one of the specific things we aren't insured for. Apparently after the storm a couple of weeks ago there were overturned campers strewn all down the west coast road.

We got a few decent peeks at the land below every now and again as we slowly made our way back to the main road and back towards Christchurch. Arrived quite early so we got a bit of shopping done - some of the kids clothes have gone straight into the bin. Also got a new suitcase. In Southeast Asia we were travelling "light" but now we have our own vehicle we have acquired a few new (big) toys for the kids which we want to keep. Also it looks like tomorrow we will be getting them a pair of scooters.

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