Wild Life Sydney

We seem to be getting up later and later. By the time we had finished preparing our packed lunch and were ready to leave it was 1pm. No hurries today - we had bought cheap tickets online for Wild Life Sydney and the offer meant we couldn't go in until after 3. The reviews we'd read indicated that Taronga zoo is better, but (a) Wild Life Sydney is under cover and it looks like it might rain today, (b) it has a cheap online deal, and (c) an hour is more than enough for the kids. What we also liked is that it specialised in Australian animals.

So we killed our spare hour at the playground and, sure enough, it started drizzling by the time we got to the Wild Life / Aquarium / Tussauds complex. You can also get a special deal if you visit all three but we had done a few aquariums recently back in Spain and have no idea why anyone would want to see wax versions of famous people so we didn't take them up on the offer. Lack of time also played a part. We were 20 minutes early but got let in no questions asked.

It's quite a nice zoo, if a little on the aseptic side. All the usual suspects are there: kangaroos, koalas, wallabies... Actually, on hindsight, I do miss the platypus and the redback. We were lucky to pass a feeding echidna (a sort of porcupine) and the kids joined in. Later we jumped at the opportunity of a photo with a python but jumped back, terrified at the 20 bucks fee. Apparently they have the same racket going on with the koalas.

We also saw a tasmanian devil, wombats, all sorts of snakes and some spiders, butterflies, a huge crocodile, a cassowary (a sort of colourful ostrich), and a host of nocturnal animals. We adults could have spent more there, but the kids raced through it in an hour as kids do.

Last day of our brief taster of Australia. Tomorrow we fly to Queenstown, New Zealand.

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