Nelson pub crawl

Got early to the campsite at Nelson, left the camper and went into town by bus. Drinking and driving don't mix. Nelson is famous for it's craft beers and microbreweries and we wanted to have a taste of that.

Went to two of the more famous pubs and enjoyed many a half in each. They couldn't have been more different; one was a modern affair mostly filled (a figure of speech, both pubs were pretty empty, it is a off-season Monday after all) with young(ish) couples, the other was filled with bearded men from the Campaign For Real Ale society. Could only fit in two pubs, had to run off to catch the bus before it got too late for the kids.

There is a minigolf at the campsite so I played a round with Lucas. I must say that after the delights of Nelson's fine ales he was better than me.

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