Cycle day

Hired some bikes for the kids today. A pedal-less one for Aisha and a normal one for Lucas. It's been some time since they cycled but there is a lot of truth behind "you never forget how to ride a bicycle" and in a few minutes Lucas was wobbling away like three months hadn't gone by at all. Today it was all clear blue skies, and we went around the tree / garden area next to town for  couple of hours. Similar route as the picnic day but this time we saw the mountains on the other side of the bay, as well as the skate park where we had a great time cycling around and getting in the way of the skaters.

Had some of Queenstown's famous Fergburgers (and some fish 'n chips) for lunch. Pretty OK, though I don't quite understand the huge queue - it is one of the most famous joints in town. There is another burger place and I overheard somebody yesterday say their burgers were pretty much the same.

Lately Aisha has started calling me Josh instead of daddy, much like I (and all my siblings and nephews/nieces) call my father Keith. Weird, I wonder of it's a genetic trait. Also, without the Spanish influence (and meeting more English-speaking people), her English is coming along in leaps and bounds. She hardly spoke any English 3 months ago. Lucas has also improved.

Tomorrow is the day we finally get to pick up our campervan. We spent the afternoon planning our route round the South island (better late than never). We'd better book the campsites - both for Easter and Anzac weekend.

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