Puzzling World

The nice thing about freedom or DOC camping is that you can take it easy and leave when you want. I don't understand why "proper" campsites insist on 10 o'clock checkouts. I realise campers are usually early risers, but spare a thought for those who are not. Hotels usually have 12 o'clock checkouts and they have a heck of a lot more to clean and prepare for the next guests.

After a quick stop for fruit we halted for a morning wine taste. Central Otago is a major wine growing area, especially for pinot noir. The results of the wine taste are in the next post.

A bit of a hassle getting to Wanaka - there is an airshow on and the main access road is cut. Seems ironic, cutting a road for an airshow. I guess the idea is that only the fee-paying public (over 100 bucks per person!) get to see the planes properly. The freeloading scum were relegated to using binoculars from miles away, we passed plenty on our massive detour.

As it's Easter we had booked our campsite a few days ahead. But before heading there we stopped at Puzzling World, a family-friendly attraction involving optical illusions, puzzles and a huge maze. The illusion rooms were pretty good - one in particular stands out: at one end you look very small while at the other you look like a giant (apparently it uses the same trick as the Lord of the Rings used to create hobbits). Another room has the floor at a slight angle, and everything else straight, it completely does your head in. The kids were amused but not blown away. I guess they are till at that age where they can't really distinguish magic from reality so illusions are no big deal. The maze was also good - you have to get to 4 separate towers and then find the exit. Both the boys team and the girl's team managed two before the kids got bored.

Painted some hard boiled eggs for Easter. Tomorrow we have a chocolate egg hunt and everyone is very excited. We have left a carrot out for the Easter Bunny.

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