Pancake rocks

The kids said goodbye to the animals at the campsite while I had fun mucking out the toilet. Then we all headed into Hokitika (I can't get Abba's Chiquitita out of my head) to do a bit of shopping. Spent a lot of time at Sunset Point playing on the beach, looking for jade and skimming stones. Lucas did a spot of fishing with some locals (they let him hold the rod and he was most proud).

There aren't many DOC campsites for a bit, but we saw a freedom camping site on CamperMate at Punakaiki (I swear I'm not making these names up), which was just the right distance away. The road up to there is beautiful, with marvellous coastline on one side and green hills on the other. It's great to drive during the daytime with good weather for a change (though if we are going to have bad weather it's best to suffer it on the road).

Punakaiki is famous for it's pancake rocks and blowholes. There is a path round these impressive rock formations being buffeted by the sea. The tide was right for the blowholes to start doing their thing (not perfect but it would do). The sun was setting and the light made the waves look even more impressive.

Refined the route plan for the last few days. Just some small touches, we have stayed pretty true to the original plan.

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