The Luge

The Luge is a sort of gravity-assisted karting experience. First you need to get up to the viewing area on the Gondola, a small 4-person cable-car. Apart from balconies with stunning views (which would have been even better if there had been less cloud) down below there is a souvenir shop, a restaurant and a bungee jump. You can also take your mountain bike up and go down various circuits.

After the Gondola you continue up a bit further on a ski chair to the Luge start point. The carts are simple plastic affairs with a handlebar. Fully down it acts as a handbrake. If you lift it up off you go. If you pull it further it acts as a normal brake. You can double up with small kids, but then you have to go on the "scenic" road, not the fast one. We got a quick lesson and down we went.

I am not a great fan of karting, but this was so much fun it's a shame we only bought the 8-ride family pack. I could have spent all day going up and down. The kids thought it was absolutely great as well, and at the end of the day Lucas asked if we were going again tomorrow. I learnt later there is another Luge on the North island, so that will be a cool surprise for him.

In preparation for the campervan I bought a pay--as-you-go data SIM card for the  tablet. We'll try to use as much WiFi as possible, but as we don't really go to restaurants and cafes that often it may be once in a blue moon. We've heard there is a supermarket that offers free WiFi. Apparently the parking lot is full of campervans, the occupants tapping away on their fondleslabs.

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