Te Anau, or near enough

After a late morning we decided there wasn't much point going to Glenorchy, otherwise it would be very late before we got to Te Anau (en route to Milford). Stopped for our first experience of filling up the water tank end emptying out the grey water at a petrol station just outside Queenstown. Also, after last night, loaded up on winter pyjamas and onesies for Esther and the kids.

Finally we managed to get more than 20km away from Queenstown. Apart from DOC and commercial camps you have the possibility of freedom camping (ie in the middle of nowhere, if your vehicle is certified self-contained like ours). In Te Anau there is no freedom camping allowed, so we headed to the nearest DOC, about 25km after the town. There was an amazing red and pink sunset on display just as we arrived. Just 10 minutes after it was gone.

This DOC campsite doesn't have a manager, you pay by putting in cash to an "honesty box". Though don't be fooled by the name, you have to put a slip on your windscreen and inspectors do come round to make sure everybody has coughed up. In fact we saw one today just as I was going to pay (saved me a trip to the box).

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