Happy Easter!

It's amazing what the promise of chocolate eggs does to young impressionable minds. The kids bounced out of bed at 8am this morning, and wanted to start the search immediately. We kept them at bay until after breakfast and then they went a'hunting outside with Esther while [SPOILER ALERT] I hid the eggs inside the camper. When no eggs materialised outside they came in and the real hunt began.

Wanaka is a lovely town, though quite similar to nearby Queenstown. Today we had a long walk by the shore of the lake through stunning autumn-coloured trees. This has become he extent of our trekking and I don't think we can ask much more from a 3 and a 5 year-old. If we want to do any more we will either have to rent bicycles or wait until they are older (or away at university). But a short walk is better than a long walk, and we had the added bonus of finding a Cadbury Creme Egg on the way (probably unfound by other hunters).

Headed up through the pass through the mountains towards the West coast. Because of rockfall the road is closed after 6pm, but we were past the checkpoint way before that. We didn't go all the way anyways, there are a few short walks round here we want to visit tomorrow. We missed our intended campsite (confusion with the map's scale) so didn't turn back and went on to the next one - we only miss out on a short 15-minute walk and have less road for tomorrow this way.

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