The circus is in town

The kids slept for most of the trip in the taxi to Battambang, so it was pretty relaxed and uneventful. If you ignore the insane overtaking which is pretty much par for the course in Cambodia, and in Thailand as well actually.

Aaargh, forgot flip-flops at Siem Reap! Will have to survive with shoes and sandals, or maybe go shopping soon. I must say we have done pretty well with packing: virtually used everything we brought and have had to buy very little (mainly anti-parasite medicines).

Arrived early in Battambang, a nice relaxed town with plenty to see, and decided to catch the evening circus show. Like so many enterprises in Cambodia it is a socially responsible / charitable circus - the performers are all orphans and children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

It was a great hit. The kids loved it. I suspect Lucas may run away and join the circus before long. We got a chance to see them practising, performing and later could ask them questions and have photos taken with them. During dinner, Lucas and Aisha put on a circus show for us, much to the amusement of the rest of the restaurant.

Quite liked our tuk-tuk driver; arranged a tour with him for tomorrow.

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