So this is what it feels like to be famous

Travelled to Kampong Chhnang (no typo, I swear). For the first time this trip we got the bus instead of a taxi. Haven't been missing that much really, the quality is similar: old but decent, comfy chairs and aircon. The main difference is that we got to see a typical film of the sort they watch here. Don't think they'll make Cannes or the Oscars any time soon, but judging by the guffaws martial arts comedies are an acquired taste.

Judging by the complete lack of Westerners I guess Kampong Chhnang doesn't feature highly on most people's itineraries. We are all alone, possibly the first Spanish(ish) family to set foot here ever. Walking down the street we got accosted every 5s by kids saying hello. Aisha was very excited at everybody liking her and wanting to be her friend. Finally we go to the kiddie park I had seen from the bus, to whoops of joy. There we found a tuk-tuk driver for tomorrow that speaks good English. Looks like we can see all the sights in one day, and there isn't much else to do, so we'll stay 2 nights here instead of the planned 3.

Dinner was a bit of a disaster. There's no restaurants here, so we got some BBQ chicken and fish from the market. Then, realising our stall didn't have anywhere to sit we sat at some other tables only to be promptly chucked off as they were from another stall. Still don't quite understand it - the BBQ stalls don't have seating, but the ones doing juices and boiled eggs (?) do. Anyways, we walked sadly in the dark and dust back to the hotel carrying the food and the kids. Amazing how quickly fame abandons you.

When we reached the hotel we realised it actually has an attached restaurant. Duh! When we explained our adventures they let us sit down there so we bought a couple of beers and munched away.

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