Just pool and beach

Nothing special today, just spent the morning splashing round the pool. It's been ages since we had an hotel with a swimming pool so the kids made the most of it. In the afternoon we visited the beach. The sea was a bit choppy so we all had fun in the waves (turns out Aisha isn't afraid of waves, only of cold water). One of the highlights of the area is a tour of the nearby islands. We had even contemplated spending a couple of nights on one but thought that the kids wouldn't appreciate the idyllic surroundings and be bored. Looks like we won't even bother with the tour - they are pretty expensive, the ride is long, and the sea isn't quite flat. We've had our fair share of pristine paradise beaches anyways; children prefer beaches with people and things to do. There are a few nicer beaches out of town which we'll visit by tuk-tuk.

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