Grand Palace closed

Just realised today we need a Vietnam visa for our boat border crossing. We had understood that those formalities would be sorted as part of the trip, but apparently not. Cue rushed phone call to the agency, arranged a meeting at 3 at the hotel for them to sort it out for us.

As ardent fans of this blog will no doubt remember, last month we had to leave the Grand Palace for later as I was ill. As we were doing OK for time we decided to give it a whirl in the morning (ish). After a stop at a book store and a quick street lunch (gosh, so much cheaper than any of the restaurants, why haven't we done this earlier!?), not 10m from the Grand Palace we had a quick look in the guide to be reminded it was closed from 11am to 2pm. Since we had to be back by 3 it made no sense to stick around so we went back and hit the pool.

Visas into Vietnam are expensive. Apparently they have just raised the prices. After confirming the price online we sadly handed over our hard-earned cash to a complete stranger in exchange for a pink slip.

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