Outres beach

We're all a bit sunburned after yesterday, especially the kids. Today we were a bit more careful with the suncream.

Hired a tuk-tuk for the day. First stop in town - a bookstore to get a few new story books and colouring pads. It was full of toys as well so we bought Friday's presents a day early. Then we had lunch in a real local restaurant (not that different from the tourist restaurants except much cheaper) and headed to Outres beach.

Outres beach is much less built up than the main beach, though it's not completely empty. It was the original backpackers beach before everybody moved into town and so has a string of resorts down the beach front. It boasts miles of white sand, clear waters and is pretty empty, though the resorts do take up a fair amount of beach real estate with their sunbeds. I'm sure the beaches on the islands are even more idyllic, but this will do and is more practical.

Good thing we didn't go on a "party boat" tour. "Not really party, OK for small children" they told us at the agency yesterday. The blaring techno declared otherwise. If the wind hadn't drowned out the music a bit it would ruin the experience of Outres beach: those that don't like techno would have their peace shattered, those that do would be dying to leave the beach and join the boat.

Had a bit a tiff with the tuk-tuk driver on the way back about timetables and price. We've blacklisted him.

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