Shopping mall and night market

A day for the kids. We had toyed with going to an ostrich farm (didn't sound that interesting) or a swimming pool (probably too cold) so settled for a kiddie park and arcade at a shopping mall on the outskirts of town. Spoilt them rotten and they loved it. The only downside was that when we got back Lucas fell and got a nasty wound on his knee. After Aisha's it looks like it's his turn now.

It's the weekend again and that can only mean one thing in Thailand... night market! The usual plethora of stalls offering crafts and food, we never tire of them as they are different in every town. Here we had the bonus of a concert with all the Thais doing a little dance in a huge circle. Obviously we joined in, shuffling around out of step and out of rhythm but with a huge grin. After all the excitement Aisha fell asleep in my arms on the way back to the hotel.

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