A pool of blue sky

Happy Valentine's day!

We're not the most romantic couple in the world so we left it at that.

Today we returned to Outres beach as it's worth the hassle and 10 bucks (Cambodia works in dollars) tuk-tuk return fare compared to the main beach.

Full moon today. Had dinner on our beach, which was chocca with fireworks and preparations for full moon parties.

But the big news of the day has to be Esther's first tattoo. She had arranged an appointment yesterday and been investigating typefaces. It is a slight adaptation of some lyrics of Pearl Jam's Unthought Known: "a pool of blue sky" branded on her forearm for all eternity. Made sure we got the words right, and no spelling mistakes. Now it should go a couple of weeks without a proper soaking (if you want to be extra-cautious) which is OK as we leave beach areas for a while. Once it's healed all we have to do is wait until my parents will talk to her again.

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